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Gazela Nameplate Restoration

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

As the Artist In Residence, I've been asked to repaint the ship's nameplates. These are hand-carved, painted wooden boards that introduce the ship to the world, and it is an honor to be given this task. I've discovered quite a bit of unexpected detail during the process of removing seemingly endless layers of paint.

I wasn't expecting to see all of this beautiful stippled carving around the star, or the painted scrollwork. After 24+ hours of cumulative sanding and scraping, I finally reached some bare wood in places and discovered this faint incision of a second star. My hypothesis is that the artisan began the first one and decided that making two was too much of a pain.

Originally, this Portuguese fishing boat was painted oxblood and white, colors reflected in those chosen by more than one previous sign painter.

At some point, the ship was repainted with a green stripe around the bulwarks, and the current captain claims that having red with a green and white ship looks too Christmas-y. Personally, I think that the sign is gorgeous in red and white, and I've been asked to gild portions of it as well... which means I need to learn how to apply gold leaf.

This is just one of 4 painted signs on the ship: three declaring GAZELA, and one that says PHILADELPHIA. I want to repaint the nameplates in a manner that brings out the beauty of their carving, reads well from a distance, and is stylistically cohesive with the overall appearance of the ship. I also need to make sure we don't have mis-matched signage for event season. You can rent our ship for weddings and parties, and we also host concerts and burlesque shows. For more information or to volunteer, visit

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