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Audio Tour: Tall Ship Gazela

Updated: May 22

Here is an audio tour of my paintings of the Gazela. I recorded it before I started volunteering aboard the ship, so since then I’ve learned more nautical terminology and history. (For example, fore and aft are directions towards bow and stern, front and back of a boat.)

I originally conceived of it as something you could listen to while walking along the Delaware River at Penn's Landing, near Spruce Street Harbor. However, if you're unable to visit in person, it is a nice companion to looking at the paintings.

I'm also happy to take people on a personal tour of the sites that inspire my paintings, followed by a studio tour. Contact me if you're interested.

Here is an ongoing series of paintings inspired by the Gazela, a 3-masted Barkentine from the turn of the 20th Century that used to be employed as a fishing vessel. She's currently being restored by the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild.

To see more paintings from Penn's Landing, visit the Harbors section of this website.

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Thanks for the detailed photos and explanation. I am in Mexico but was head spar scraper and detail painter for many years. Last job I did was 3 years ago painting and gilding the cork acorn in the bow.

Gefällt mir
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